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Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

  Amkor Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMKR)
Amkor is one of the world’s largest subcontractors of semiconductor packaging and test services, having pioneered the outsourcing of these operations by semiconductor manufacturers in 1968.  The company competes by offering a broad array of package design, packaging, and test services and by continually innovating in the area of advanced semiconductor packaging.


Echo 360, Inc
Echo 360 products enable institutions of higher education to capture all aspects of classroom lectures  and make them continuously available to students for review.  The lecture capture opportunity offers the university an inexpensive competitive advantage by having lectures available on demand via the internet and podcasts.  Through replay of the entire classroom experience, students benefit from greater retention, comprehension, and success.



FourthWall Media (Private) www.fourthwallmedia.tv
FourthWall Media, formerly known as Biap, Inc., is the leading provider of interactive television and advanced advertising solutions. The companyhas established a strong track record for delivering rich interactive services to nearly 25 million set-top boxes, across multiple platforms, operators, products, and geographies. Its partners include Time Warner Cable, DISH Network, and several smaller operators.

Gift Certificates.com  

GiftCertificates.com (Private)
GiftCertificates.com is an e-commerce destination site that sells branded gift certificates for the nation's leading retailers, restaurants, and hotels.



Gigared S.A. (Private)
Gigared S.A. owns and operates an integrated cable and telecommunications network in the Republic of Argentina.  The network connects four provincial capitals to Buenos Aires and from there to the worldwide telecommunications network via an interconnect with IFX.  The Company provides cable television, dedicated internet access, cable modem access, and web hosting and co-location services.



Grab Networks (Private)http://corp.grabnetworks.com/
Grab Networks, formed by the 2008 merger of Anystream and Voxant, offers a comprehensive video operating system and syndication network for profitably publishing video anywhere on the Internet. The system automatically manages, transcodes and tags video assets– turning clips into searchable packets that can be combined with relevant advertising and distributed to any device. 


Magnolia Broadband, Inc. (Private)
Magnolia is pioneering development of radio chips for cell phones that employ smart antennas. Smart antenna technology represents a major breakthrough for the wireless industry. The company's unique, integrated, multi-transceiver, low-power RF chips will reduce power drain and increase capacity, coverage and user data rates for existing and future mobile protocols. Magnolia's solutions require no changes to the physical layer of the network.




Q Group, Plc (Private)
Q Group, Plc is an international leader in the development and marketing of language instruction solutions, with a focus on the English as a Second Language ("ESL") market.

The Q Group's turnkey educational solutions are for all ages and nationalities in the institutional and corporate markets, and include delivery means as: computer-based lessons, online community and enrichment, face-to-face activities, printed course books, lab tasks, assessment tools and teacher's materials.


Software Technology, Inc. (Private)
STI provides student information systems for the K-12 space. The company has been operating profitably for over 18 years, and currently serves more than 7,000 schools across the country.

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Life Sciences


Deep Breeze, Ltd. (Private)
Deep Breeze, Ltd. is an Israeli-based medical technology company, developing unique medical imaging diagnostic systems based upon its proprietary, radiation-free, acoustic imaging core technology.  Deep Breeze seeks to become the leader in non-invasive lung and cardiac diagnostic solutions.  Deep Breeze is currently focused on completing the development of its initial revolutionary product, the Passive Acoustic Lung Imaging Scope or PALIScope.


  Trig Medical, Inc.
Trig Medical, Inc. has developed a unique medical monitoring system for use during childbirth.  By providing more accurate fetal position information to physicians that enables better decision making, Trig’s system can lower the risk of complications for both mother and baby and reduce the number of unnecessary Cesarean sections. 



Vitalife   Vitalife Fund (Private)
The Vitalife Fund was organized to make investments primarily in early stage Israeli and Israeli-related private companies in the health care and life sciences arena. The Fund's objective is to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation by developing a diversified portfolio of companies focused on innovative medical technologies.

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Pentech Financial Services, Inc. (Private)
Pentech Financial Services, Inc., headquartered in Campbell, CA, specializes in providing venture leasing and corporate finance services to emerging growth companies that focus on leading edge technologies.



Tammac Holdings Corporation (Private)
Tammac Holdings Corporation is a finance company operating in the mid-Atlantic and New England regions that provides floor plan financing to manufactured housing dealers and originates retail manufactured housing loans to end-market customers in conjunction with the purchase of manufactured homes.   It is the largest independent financial service company of its kind.



Defense and Security

  DVTel, Inc. (Private)

Based in NJ, DVTel is a rapidly growing software company that develops innovative IP-based solutions that enable better, faster business decisions by creating intelligent security solutions based on the collection of raw data from multiple sources, such as video surveillance and access control, and turning that data into actionable information. DVTel's integrated solutions leverage existing network infrastructure while providing unmatched levels of flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness and customer support.





XVionics (Private)
XVionics markets a state-of-the-art real-time operations management decision support system that is both a decision support system and an enterprise resource planning system for intense environments that can exchange data with multiple, disparate database management systems concurrently.

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AMG (Euronext: AMG.NX)

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. is a leading global specialty metals company offering highly-engineered metallurgical products and vacuum furnace systems to a wide range of industries including aerospace, energy, electronics, optics, chemical, construction, and transportation. Metallurg Holdings was merged with several global metals companies to form AMG which went public in July, 2007



Hospitality Associates, LLC (Private)
Hospitality Associates, LLC was formed to acquire value-oriented, full and limited service hotels in the Middle Atlantic and Northeast regions.


Selway Partners  

Selway Partners, LLC (Private)
Selway is an operating company, which funds a carefully selected number of promising ideas and projects. Selway provides its partner companies with a unique blend of capital, expertise, and commitment at the various stages of their life-cycles. Selway provides a full range of resources to assist its partner companies with the development strategies and financial support needed to rapidly introduce innovative products and services to the marketplace and/or expand existing products and services into new, previously unexplored market segments.


  Vertex Management Israel (Private)
Vertex is a venture capital company headquartered in Israel with offices in California, London, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong and Beijing. The company makes venture investments in fast growing technology companies to serve global markets.

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  Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

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